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Individual Shows

All presentations can be seen as a comfortable shows as well: Every image will be optimally scaled on the fly according to the space available on your individual screen.

As is well known, all images will be saved automatically by your browser to your computer (cache), hence they will appear instantly on subsequent runs.

In addition to prepared shows, you may also compose random individual lists. Just put the appropriate work numbers, separated by commas, into the adress bar of your browser.
Example: »,435,519,639-57?slide.

Your order will be preserved; the list may be as long as you wish. The resulting list will be shown in the preset resolution and can be transformed into a preview or a slideshow or a different resolution with a click thereafter.

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In addition, some of the works can be shown in different views or as paraphrases:

Winged Altar

The 4 display sides of the » Winged altarpiece cannot be seen together, only one by one, due to the construction. They are shown in two versions as a show:

  • as museum scenario, so that you have the size comparison in mind as with a natural view
  • in optimal screen size using the maximum space on the screen, i.e. the display sides are shown in 3 different scales

In closed state, only the first side with 2 of the 15 panels are shown:


The optimal screen size show: Moon-Altar Wing • 1

Using the museum show, the correct sequence as well as the change in dimensions can be studied, which the following mockup demonstrates:


Dimensions of Wings

The construktion principle of 2-4-6-3 panels is explained in » Altar.


Sculptures are three dimensional objects and will always be presented in more or less arbitrary views, although they develop in space and should be understood and discovered in their three-dimensionality.

Therefore, there are several views to most sculptures, for example the following 4 to work number » 422, which can be appreciated preferably as show:

Original Prints

Woodcut » 639 has been published in an edition of 100 copies, each being colored differently. Some of these variations are presented here and are studied preferentially as Show as well, putting special emphasize on the different impressions given by the colors -- a small sample here:

Work Data No. 639
Holzschnitt, Aquarell / Bütten, Edition 100
03.01.1986 - 04.05.1986, » 33×48 cm (13×19")

Work Data No. 639-57
Holzschnitt, Aquarell / Bütten, Edition 100
03.01.1986 - 04.05.1986, » 33×48 cm (13×19")
Paraphrase von » 639

Work Data No. 639-31
Holzschnitt, Aquarell / Bütten, Edition 100
03.01.1986 - 04.05.1986, » 33×48 cm (13×19")
Paraphrase von » 639


Finally there are different numbers of Paraphrases to the following works which are enjoyed most beautifully as show with respect to the original and the variations::

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