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  Books and Catalogs

Modern digital printing technology provides for producing books about just any subject, even as a single copy. Actually a number of catalogs are production ready, i.e.  Tiny Works or  Paraphrases etc., even the complete ouvre catalog in 3 volumes.

The single volume » Complete Works was published at the turn of 2007/2008 in new accouterment by » Verlag Shaker Media, enhanced with texts and annotations, totaling nearly 800 pages in excellent quality and enduement, an absolute work of splendor!

Next my blog was published by the same publisher with title Was ist Kunst? (What is Art?), in dual layout: first as » paperback with monochrome illustrations and two color pages plus color cover, next as premium edition with color illustrations throughout and large » Format A4.

We'll be glad to ship any printed catalog to your home address - simply send us an  E-Mail with the recipient's address.

Available catalogs at  Lulu.com see   Books.

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