Einzelbild Werner Stürenburg Original Fine Art Originalkunst, Oeuvre Werkschau joe

Single Views  

A click on an image will open a new window with a larger picture of that particular piece with a stylized frame, for example  214:

More clicks on this picture will cycle between the different resolutions; alternatively the size can be chosen directly as well (see below) - the icon denotes the choice of the width via links:    max   800 px   200 px.

Below that a scaled chart is shown to illustrate the dimensions with respect to a reference figure as all works are show with the same size:

The oeuvre data is shown below this scaled chart:

Via dimensions link you can search for works with the same data. Once there, you may define tolerance limits to grow the result set.

Next the horizontal image size can be chosen directly. The setting max yields the largest available, at most 1600 px.

The symbols and switch pictures in list mode. You can use keys ( = previous, = next) and other methods as well, allowing for easy comparison switching back and forth to compare with other works.

The red button signals that this particular work is no longer available for me.

For work numbers less than 226 you find comments and simulations as indicated and access them from here. Once there, you can switch by those indicated methods between adjacent oeuvre numbers, for example from comment to comment or from museum setting to museum setting.

If applicable, a list of works is shown confronting this one in a museum simulation, in this case beginning with.

Another random sample:  219

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